How to Handle a Dental Emergency –An Exhaustive Guide

Teeth are the life of a smile. In addition to that, they perform several functions that facilitate our eating process. It’s important, that you should take proper care of our teeth and keep them in good health. However, in spite of all the care and attention, teeth are vulnerable to dental emergencies. In case of a dental emergency, visit an expert emergency dental clinic in Calgary like My Dental Clinic.

What are dental emergencies?

In dentistry, dental emergencies refer to teeth injuries and accidents. An injury to your tooth can hamper its usual functions. It can also lead to excessive pain and neural sensitivity if not properly cared for. Dental accidents can also be very harmful and may result in a broken tooth. Bleeding due to tooth loss or gum injuries should be treated immediately. If any family or friend faces a dental emergency near you take them to the dentist.

What to do during a dental emergency?

The damage done during a dental accident or injury can be minimized by following certain steps. Certain general remedies will help in all cases. But depending upon the nature of the injury a special treatment might be required. These are some easy and effective measure you can take during a dental emergency:

  • Stop the bleeding- In many dental injuries bleeding from the injured tooth is common. Sometimes you get knocked hard in your mouth or try to chew on to something hard things. These situations can weaken your teeth root holding. A weak tooth might also get detached from the gum due to damaged tissues. All these situations lead to bleeding from the gum.

  • In case of bleeding from the mouth, wash your mouth with water. Apply a clean cloth at the bleeding site and hold on to it. Applying ice to it can help stop the blood. If bleeding continues, visit a dentist who is expert in a dental emergency, near you.

  • Floss your mouth- Small food particles from your favorite dish can get stuck between the teeth gaps. If they are allowed to remain they can lead to severe toothache. To dislodge the food particle one should brush their teeth. Flossing your teeth is an effective option to remove the tiny food particles. With the help of flossing one can remove any leftover food lodged in the remotest part.

  • It is important to rinse your mouth with warm salt water before after the floss. This will help in easing the pain. Don’t take painkillers without consulting a dentist.

  • Don’t pull your tooth- During some dental accidents, the tooth gets partially or completely dislodged. Where the tooth is still attached to the mouth don’t pull it out. A partially dislodged tooth is still attached to the dental tissues. Pulling it out can cause severe damage to the existing dental tissue.

  • Special care is required in case of an artificial tooth which is installed via a dental implant. Make sure that you don’t pull or push the tooth into the seat of the implant. This might increase the pain and bleeding.

  • Visit a dentist- In most of the dental emergencies situations, it is best advised to visit a dentist. The intervention of a dentist is must where the injury is associated with any previous dental procedure. In the case of a lost crown, lost fillings or broken braces and wires immediately visit the dentist. Gum infections can damage the tissue around the teeth. They also spread very fast. If it is left untreated it can cause immense pain resulting in a weak tooth. A partially dislodged tooth if not pulled out can be saved by a dentist.

One should always remember not to panic during a dental emergency as it will not help. Damage caused to our teeth due to a dental emergency can be averted. All it takes to reduce the damage is to take quick action. My Dental Clinic an emergency dental in Calgary provides a plethora of dental care facilities. Their expert dentists ensure the best treatment in case of a dental emergency. They are equipped with advanced technology which is crucial in providing the finest dental care. Visit them now and avoid future issues.

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