Dental Crowns in Calgary

Do you suffer from cracked, discolored or damaged teeth? Tired of hiding your smile? My Dental Clinic in Calgary can help, we provide dental crowns near you if you are looking to affordably improve your smile and restore tooth function! We offer a variety of materials your Calgary porcelain crowns can be made of, depending on your preference, such as all-ceramic, zirconium, porcelain and even gold.

Dental Crowns in Calgary

Interested in porcelain dental crowns in Calgary? With My Dental Clinic’s you can say goodbye to a dull smile! Contact our dental office in Calgary today to schedule your dental crown appointment and achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps used to cover teeth that are chipped, decayed or even discolored. My Dental Clinic can match the dental crowns to the color of your healthy teeth or even make them from gold, depending on your preference. They correct a variety of dental issues such as stains, cracks or extensive missing tooth structure due to decay (after decay removal). Not only do the crowns improve your smile’s appearance, but they can also prevent further damage to teeth.

How Can I Get Dental Crowns in Calgary?

The first step to getting dental crowns in Calgary is contacting our dental office and scheduling an appointment. During your treatment process you can expect:

  • An examination of your oral health
  • Discuss dental crowns and which you’d prefer
  • A mold will be taken to create your custom crown
  • Your tooth will be prepared for crown placement
  • A mold will be taken for the interior of the crown
  • Once the crown is fabricated, you will have your second appointment to test the fit and appearance.
  • The crown will be bonded and shined.
  • Show off your new smile!