Dental Bridges Calgary

Do you suffer from missing teeth or need to have severely damaged teeth removed? Searching for dental bridges near you in SW Calgary? At My Dental Clinic in Calgary, we offer the treatment services to treat patients with missing teeth or have teeth that need to be extracted. Think you may need a dental bridge in Calgary? Contact us today.

Dental Bridges Calgary

Dental Bridges SW Calgary

Patients that neglect to address their missing teeth often end up having to pay for more invasive, costly treatment options. Moving teeth can affect the way you chew, speak and even clean your teeth. Complications that could arise due to missing teeth are infections, increased decay, TMJ and ability to eat properly.

Don’t go another day with missing teeth, contact our Calgary dentistry office today and schedule an appointment to receive your dental bridge in Calgary. We’re always happy to accept new patients and look forward to restoring your smile!

About Our Dental Bridges in SW Calgary

A bridge is comprised of false teeth called pontics, and anchored teeth called abutment teeth. The pontic(s) are anchored to abutments placed on adjacent teeth or dental implants. The false teeth can be made from gold, zirconium and even porcelain depending upon your preference and ultimate treatment goal.

The idea of the treatment is to restore spaces left by missing teeth by generally using a false tooth supported and anchored by crowns on either side of the space.

Benefits of Our Dental Bridges in Calgary

Along with improving the appearance of your smile, the bridge treatment has many other benefits, some of which may include:

  • Prevent remaining teeth from becoming misaligned.
  • Prevent the shape of your face becoming hollow.
  • Restore your ability to chew properly.
  • Eliminate speaking issues.
  • Re-distribute bite force