Dental/Tooth Fillings in Calgary

Do you suffer from daily tooth pain? Have sensitivity to hot or cold beverages and foods? You may be suffering from a tooth cavity, and My Dental Clinic in Calgary can help! We provide dental fillings in Calgary for patients with cavities or damage to their teeth. When your tooth suffers from decay or damage, your dentist needs to remove the affected area, clean the decay and fill the tooth, also known as receiving a tooth filling.

Dental/Tooth Fillings in Calgary

Think you may need a tooth filling in Calgary? If you suffer from frequent toothaches or think you may have a cavity, contact our Calgary dental office today! We’d be happy to schedule an appointment to examine your oral health and decide whether dental fillings are right for you.

Wondering if you may need a tooth filling?

Here are some signs that may indicate you need to visit My Dental Clinic for Calgary dental filling near you:

  • Sensitivity to foods/beverages that are sugary, acidic, hot or cold.
  • You experience pain when biting/chewing.
  • You experience generalized tooth pain.
  • You notice a dark spot on your tooth.
  • Food is getting stuck in certain areas of the mouth/teeth.
  • You have a chipped, damaged or fractured tooth.
  • Your existing filling has fallen out.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

  • Prevents further damage from cavities or decay.
  • Helps prevent damage to the root/nerves of the tooth.
  • Helps prevent the loss of the tooth.
  • Improves dental hygiene.
  • Prevents bacteria overgrowth in mouth.
  • Helps prevent bad breath.

Left untreated, cavities and dental decay can become a serious problem. Many patients who neglect signs of decay and opting for a filling end up having to go through more costly, invasive dental treatments.