What You Need to Know About the Family Dentist

Healthy teeth and gums indicate more than attractive smiles. It reflects on your overall general health, confidence and boosts your sense of well-being. Proper oral hygiene begins from home, at a tender age, and can help protect your child’s teeth from cavities and the possibility of gum disease.

Still, there is some confusion between the functions of family and general dentists. Many might think a family dentist only serves families with children. However, you don’t need to have children to use a family dentist.

The family dentist has the following everyday responsibilities: checking your gum health, cleaning excess tartar and plaque buildup, filling cavities, and controlling tooth decay.

What Procedures Do A Family Dentist Offer?

Sometimes, your family dentist can conduct a radiograph to check for certain problems such as dental cavities, jaw problems, and several other oral issues. If they find a cavity, your family dentist has the mandate to give you a dental filling to fill the affected area.

If your cavity worsens unexpectedly, you might need a more complex procedure like a root canal, dental crown treatment of a dental implant.

Sometimes, an x-ray is required. The family dentist in South West Calgary ensures that the X-ray’s radiation effects are minimal to children. The dentist, therefore, uses lead aprons on the child and high-speed film.

Additionally, the family dentist has a significant role in guiding parents towards helping their children achieve better oral hygiene.

At What Age Should Your Child First See a Family Dentist?

The best duration to acquaint your child with a family dentist is in six months after birth. It’s also acceptable if you take them to a family dentist on their first birthday.

Children’s needs are different from adult needs. You need to ensure that the dentist you find is good with children. This is if you don’t want to use a pediatrist.

Regarding children, appointments for checkups need to be made early as it determines if their teeth are developing correctly. Poorly developing teeth will lead to eating, speech, and aesthetic problems in the future.

The family dentist in SW Calgary checks for tooth eruption problems and tooth growth patterns. They also instruct how you can care for the child’s teeth and gums while providing dietary advice. A family dentist also advises on instructions concerning the event of a dental emergency.

How Do Family Dentists Differ from Pediatric Dentists?

Comparing the two, pediatric dentistry only focuses on infants and children. Adolescent children can still see a pediatric dentist for pediatric services. However, once they attain adulthood, they are subject to treatment from different dentists like family and general dentists.

Pediatric dentists have, in addition to the regular dental education, 2 -3 years of training, special to meet children’s needs. They learn how to work with children effectively and can also professionally handle children with special needs.

Why opt for Family Dentistry?

Better Oral Hygiene

How healthy your smile is is a reflection of your oral health practices. Practicing oral hygiene as a family through daily brushing and flossing helps clear off tartar and plaque from your teeth surfaces making your smiles look brighter. If your children learn these habits from an early age, it eliminates the risk of future dental problems.


Snacking is perhaps the biggest enemy to the mouth, especially for children. Sugar from snacks becomes acid when it meets plaque, which erodes the enamel. Visiting the family dental offices near you provides crucial information on what types of food and drinks you should consume.

This helps you manage the intake of extra sugary snacks and drinks, which is beneficial to your teeth.


The enamel gets weak through the acidic effects that occur when sugars on the plaque ferment. It’s therefore essential to treat your teeth with enough fluoride. Ask My Dental Clinic for the best fluoride treatment plan for your family.


Regular visits to the dental offices near you are vital in maintaining good oral health. Experts recommend that you schedule two dental appointments annually. Professional dentists can easily detect problems in the early stages before they advance into something serious. An experienced family dentist will also treat the mouth areas that you don’t reach through regular brushing.

7 Reasons Why you Need a Family Dentist

People see their general dentist on most occasions. What you fail to realize, however, is the difference between a general dentist and other specialties. A family dentist of the dental clinic Calgary is not just about teeth. They focus on the overall dental health and any diseases of the gums and mouth.

Did you know that over 60% of all dental procedures your family dentist performs can be preventative? If they focus sternly on your dental health, your dentist will be sure to catch all the signs of potential disease early and manage them. This not only saves your life but saves you the money required if the infections persist.

What Is Family Dentistry?

A family dentist is responsible for the dental health of people of all ages. It implies from children to adult teeth. They provide a wide array of services, including dental cleanings and exams, regular checkups, tooth fillings, x-rays, sealants, and tooth maintenance advice.

Your family needs a family dentist in SW Calgary who will professionally maintain and improve your whole family’s dental health. A family dentist can be beneficial to your family in the following ways.

  • Say Goodbye to Dental Anxieties

Don’t get me wrong; dental anxieties are not only for kids. It’s an issue even adults struggle to combat. Dental phobia and fears can easily lead to delays in treatment, which can worsen the situation. If one of your members have dental anxiety, it can be easily eliminated if you have dental checkups from home as a family.

Having dental checkups together as a family also helps children overcome their dental anxieties at an early age. The chances that they will be comfortable with a dentist for their whole lives are even higher. If they are not afraid, they will never miss their dental appointments.

  • They are convenient

You cannot ignore the convenience that comes with having a family dentist. It’s because the family dentist SW Calgary simplifies dental care by making just one appointment to many people at a go. You all don’t have to leave your jobs on different days to go for dental checkups.

As long as you have a professional home dentist, all your dental needs will be taken care of from the comfort of your home.

  • Family Dentists hare Aware of Your Family’s Dental History

This is among the most significant benefits of having a family dentist. They will know if you had dental diseases in the past, surgeries, any sensitivities and allergies. They will record all of that. It means they will know the suitable treatments to provide every time.

Proactive family dentists also notice new signs every time and take the right action. Some issues are hereditary, so having a family dentist is even better.

  • It Means a Long-Lasting Relationship

Trust between you and your dental care provider is very crucial. When there is trust, you can easily communicate any information to your dentist without fear or any form of anxiety. With all the information, your dentist can diagnose any symptoms correctly and issue the right treatment.

It’s even easier to share your anxieties with someone you trust, so they make the treatment process for you as easy as possible.

  • Regular Consistent Services

To keep your oral health in check, you and your family need to visit a dentist near you at least twice a year for dental checkups. It gives you more confidence to get to a dentist if you have a family dentist. You will not miss a single appointment.

You will have consistent treatments if you have the same dentist from My Dental Clinic.

  • Preventative Care

Family dentists have a specialty in various dental fields. They have specialized in treatments for all family members of all ages. Children need special preventative care for their teeth to prevent early dental issues. If your children might need tooth alignment, the family dentist does it at an early stage.

Through regular practices like brushing, flossing and dental checkups, your whole family can evade cavities, as well as gum disease and other infections.

  • Emergency Dental Services

When an emergency happens, and you require immediate dental treatment, it helps to know that you have a dentist near you. It’s even better if it’s one you and your family can fully trust. You never have to search for one every time you need an emergency dentist. You only need to call ad book an appointment.

How Are Family Dentists Beneficial?

Family dentistry focuses on the oral health needs of people of all ages. The dental care needs of children are different than adults, and qualified family dentists deliver comprehensive dental care from baby teeth to permanent teeth.

Family dentistry is similar to general dentistry and is concerned with oral hygiene and the health of the teeth. However, a family dentist emphasizes the unique needs of children of all ages. Some of the services offered by a family dentist include regular cleanings, cavity identification and filling, sealants, orthodontics, fluoride treatments, and therapy for gum disease.

The family dentist in south-west Calgary is aware children’s teeth change with age, besides recognizing that children fear dental visits. The dentist has a gentle approach to ensure children develop a positive attitude towards regular dental checkups to build healthy oral hygiene habits for life. You may wonder what the benefits of having a family dentist for your household are. Continue reading to understand the benefits of having a family dentist.


The family dentist in SW Calgary is equipped to provide therapies to patients of all ages for different dental problems. Patients don’t have to drive to other clinics for getting regular dental exams for all family members. If the patient wants dental restorations like veneers, crowns, or implants, the cosmetic requirements are addressed by the family dentist along with regular dental hygiene visits. Families also benefit from visiting one dental clinic for the needs of the entire household, eliminating travel time and simplifying management of care.

Detection of Dental Problems

Regular visits to a family dentist allow the professional to detect problems early. The professional performs exams like x-rays and computer modeling that can predict oral issues. Some issues that are seen early during exams by the dental clinic in Calgary include bruxism, malocclusion, and jaw irregularities.

Appointments According to Your Schedule

Family dentists consistently work with their patients and provide suitable appointments according to the patient’s lifestyle. In many cases, the dentist in south-west Calgary takes late appointments to accommodate patient requirements.

Education and Updates

Family dentists do not just treat issues reported by the patients. The professionals are willing to instruct the patient about regular oral hygiene, selecting oral healthcare products, diet, and any other considerations required to provide excellent oral healthcare. Family dentists don’t hesitate to give updates on the latest dentistry technologies and practices helpful for the family’s general oral care.


A family dental clinic will advise how to avoid difficult and common dental problems like tooth decay for adults and children. They also provide fluoride treatments and apply dental sealants on children’s molars as and when required.


Any family dentist not caring for dental problems like overcrowding, misalignment, and others is doing a disservice to the profession. A dedicated dental practice like the family dentist SW Calgary discusses many treatment options with the patient for dealing with problems like misalignment and overcrowding and any other issues affecting their dental health. They also create a personalized treatment plan to fit the patient’s needs making it comfortable to manage by considering specific circumstances.

Knowing precisely what a family dentist does benefits the patient’s and their entire household when seeking a dentist nearby. Visiting a family dentist is vital for early detection, prevention, treatment, and education. The added benefit of convenience for the family’s oral hygiene needs makes it easier when visiting a dentist caring for the entire family’s needs.

The above in no way look to demean dentists working in the field of general dentistry or other specialties. It is merely to demonstrate family dentists provide a level of comfort and convenience needed by families when considering dental visits. Family dentistry is not a specialty of dentistry. Nevertheless, it is incredibly popular because family dentists are experienced professionals who understand patient requirements entirely and make efforts to accommodate their needs whenever they are contacted.

People with large families face challenges visiting different dental professionals for every treatment requirements. Seeing a family dentist makes it easier for them to develop a long-term relationship with a dental professional focused on providing them excellent dental care. Besides adults and children, elderly members of the family are also treated by the family dentist who has a unique understanding of the requirements of all people with teeth.

The Advantages of a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

When it comes to parenting, there are several questions you must ask yourself. Caring for your child’s dental health is one of them. Would your child receive appropriate attention from your family dentist, or should they be taken to the pediatric dentist near you to receive proper care? It would help if you decided in favor of the latter as recommended by the American Dental Association and the American Academy of pediatric dentistry.

Children have different dental needs than adults, and it would be helpful if you take your child to the dental offices in SW Calgary no later than their first birthday. You may be surprised why your child needs dental attention at an early age. However, there are credible reasons to suggest because, in recent years, studies have revealed that preschool aged children are developing more cavities than earlier. Approximately 25 percent of children have at least one hole by the age of four, and many will develop cavities as early as two. It is why the child benefits from visits to SW Calgary dentists from an early age.

How Do Children React to Dental Visits?

Dental visits are scary for everyone, especially children who have a fear of the unknown. Thankfully pediatric dentists receive the training and skills to make children comfortable during dental visits. They invest in a kid-friendly environment making children feel at ease to have a positive experience. An excellent experience during the first visit allows children to recognize the significance of proper dental health, making them more likely to practice excellent dental habits throughout their lives.

Pediatric Dentists Receive More Specialized Formal Training

Unlike family dentists who begin practice after completing dental school, pediatric dentists receive more formal training for an additional two to three years after graduating from dental school, focusing on the development in infants, children, teenagers, and children with special needs besides child psychology.

Pediatric dentists like Dr. Michael Yeung, specialize in caring for children’s teeth. This dental professional is better equipped to manage the problems occurring in children’s mouths. The issues include tooth decay, cavities, delayed loss of baby teeth, and even wisdom teeth. Dr. Yeung is qualified to administer sedation to children that need intensive and invasive dental treatments.

Keeping Your Child Calm

Pediatric dentists exclusively work with children every day and are familiar with children’s common concerns during a dental visit. They tailor their approach according to every patient’s specific problem. The experience of the pediatric dentists in calming children makes their patients more comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

Caring for the Child’s Bad Habits

Children can develop bad habits unknowingly, with teeth grinding and thumb sucking being the most popular. These habits are challenging to break and can also harm the teeth of the child. Taking your child to a pediatric dentist from an early age allows the dental professional to teach your child the significance of giving up these habits to benefit their teeth. Pediatric dentists coax your child to give up the practices forever.

Dental Care Based on Developmental Needs

Your child’s age and development are considered by pediatric dentists who will use the knowledge to determine how and when to introduce healthy dental habits for them. During the first few visits, the dentist focuses on teaching young children to care for their teeth and gums properly. As the child grows, the focus shifts from promoting the healthy development of permanent teeth to appropriate dental hygiene to make it a lifelong endeavor.

Pediatric Dentistry Is Fun for Children

Pediatric dentists uniquely built their dental offices around their younger patients. This indicates the offices are more fun than your traditional dental office having colorful themes and other knickknacks favored by children. Waiting areas often feature a fun option for children keeping them occupied as they wait for their dental appointment. As a parent, you may find it challenging to convince your child to leave after their work is finished.

Pediatric Dentists Provide Children with Comprehensive Dental Care

Pediatric dentists offer excellent specialized care comprehensively for children. The dental services they provide include proper brushing and flossing, eating habits, checking for ideal fluoride levels, and providing dental sealants. If your child requires fillings to protect against tooth decay, rest assured that the pediatric dentist has a solution to deal with the problem. Regardless of the issue affecting your child, a pediatric dentist is always willing to help. The advantages of visiting one for your child are endless. It is why you must prefer taking your child to a pediatric dentist to help them maintain excellent dental hygiene.

Do you think your child doesn’t need any dental care? Please read this article to learn about the significance of children’s dental care from a pediatric dentist.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Imagine this: you are in the field playing your favorite sport when suddenly the ball makes an impact with your jaw. Before you realize it, your tooth is sent flying out. In this situation, you shouldn’t panic. The first thing you need to do is inform your dentist about the injury. Some people ignore dental emergencies not knowing that doing so could lead to irreparable damage. This article rounded up some of the most common types of dental emergencies and how you should deal with them.

1.Injury from a Fall

People over ten years of age shouldn’t experience loose teeth. However, if you fall and injure your mouth, some of your teeth could become loose. If this is the case, rush to an emergency dentist in Calgary SW, and while at it, call them to explain your situation. At the ER, your dentist near you will check to determine whether your jaw is broken.

2.Knocked-Out Teeth

This could result from a blow to your jaw or a fall. If your tooth gets knocked out, first, call your dentist in South West Calgary and inform them of your predicament. Afterward, try locating the fallen out teeth. When you find it, void holding it by its roots. If possible, try putting it back into its position in the socket. If this isn’t possible, place your tooth in a glass of water or milk and carry it to the dentist’s office. The goal is keeping it moist at all costs.

3.Sudden Toothache

A toothache could be a sign of various underlying issues. If you experience a sudden severe toothache, let your dentist know before attempting any first aid measures. As you prepare to meet your dentist, take a pain reliever, and give your mouth a rinse using warm water. Holding a cold compress over the affected region will also help ease the pain. It would be best if you remembered that heat sources could only make the condition worse and should therefore be avoided. If there is any food debris around the aching tooth, try gently dislodging it using dental floss.

4.Stuck Objects

It could be a wire or plastic material. An object stuck between your teeth could be a source of pain and infection. You can try removing it using dental floss, and if this fails, you might want to give your dentist at My Dental Clinic a call.

5.Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes, there may not be enough room on the jaw for wisdom teeth to come out. Thus, they get stuck below the gum surface and develop at abnormal angles, causing complications. That is the thing with wisdom teeth; they are always accompanied by chaos. The pain is immense, and you may have problems chewing. Besides, the surrounding gums get irritated, and you may experience bad breath. It is advisable to call your dentist in South West Calgary if you suspect you have impacted teeth.

6.Abscessed Gums

Although abscessed gums are indeed a serious issue, most people do not see them that way. All they see is a pimple that will go away on its own. This isn’t the case, as abscessed gums could be a sign of a severe underlying issue. An abscess is a pocket of pus located between the gums and teeth or on the roots. It is always a sign of gum infection and can be treated by a root canal. As you wait to reach your dentist, ensure the area is kept clean, and you do not pop the abscess.

7.Broken Tooth

While a small break shouldn’t worry you, a large one should send you running to a dentist near you. Your doctor will determine the correct procedure to conserve your tooth. Before then, rinse your mouth and hold a pack of ice against the affected part to relieve the pain.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are unplanned, so we have little control over them. However, there are a few things you could do to reduce the odds:

  • Always put on a mouth guard when engaging in sports
  • Do not chew on damaging foods like caramels and popcorn kernels
  • Brush at least twice daily and floss once every day
  • Go for dental checkups regularly

What Is the Role of Emergency Dentistry?

While it is important that we always take precautions to avoid any damage to our teeth, accidents are inevitable. Everyone, no matter how careful they are is at risk of suffering a dental emergency. The important thing is to know the right course of action to take when the accident occurs. Failing to get the necessary care for a dental injury can put you at risk of permanent damage. This is why it is important to always consult a dentist near you in Calgary, SW, anytime you suspect that you could be having a dental emergency. There are a range of issues that are classified as dental emergencies and while they may not always be easy to point out, a visit to the dentist can help rule out or confirm an issue.

Importance of Emergency Dentistry

In the event of an accident, most people tend to rush to the general emergency room. However, for issue that affect your mouth and teeth, it is best to go to a dedicated dental ER. This is because, unlike regular ER’s, dental emergency practices have the special skills and tools needed to handle different kinds of dental issues. Getting a diagnosis is therefore swift and more accurate, which is necessary for faster and smoother recovery. The convenience of having all that is needed to address any urgent dental issue is what really makes it a necessary service in ensuring optimal oral health.

Emergency dentists in Calgary, SW usually work beyond the regular working hours of general dentists. This is important for emergency services as there is no telling when and where an accident can occur. You can therefore still access the much-needed dental care services any time there is the need. There is no need for appointments and the waiting time is often very short to makes sure you get immediate relief from whatever is putting you in distress.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies vary in severity but they should all be treated with great seriousness. Some signs that could be indicating the need for immediate treatment include:

  • Severe pain. Especially when it occurs suddenly and doesn’t lessen despite trying some relieve measures. Pain is always an indication of an underlying problem.
  • Knocked-out tooth. seeking treatment within the first hour of losing a tooth increases chances of saving it. Make sure to carry the tooth with you so that the dentist can try to re-insert it.
  • Having loose teeth, even if it is without pain.
  • Swellings on any of the soft tissues. Swellings especially on the gums could be a sign of an abscess which if not treated could spread to other parts of the body and become fatal.
  • Bleeding that does not seem to stop, especially when there is no obvious sign of injury in the mouth.
  • Lost or damage dental appliances. These include fillings, crowns, braces and dentures
  • Broken teeth and injuries to the mouth also need to be checked out to rule out any underlying complication.

How to Respond to A Dental Emergency

If you have a dental emergency, the first thing you can do is reach out to your dentist. If it is within regular working hours, some dentist may be able to see you despite the short notice. Alternatively, always have the contact of an emergency dentist standby. This ensures that you still have access to dental care beyond business hours. In some cases, a simple phone call can solve the problem where the dentist explains what you need to do to handle the issue. You may still need to visit the dentist at a convenient time for a proper check-up. However, if it is something that cannot be controlled at home, you will be needed to quickly make the trip to a dental clinic and have it professionally handled. It is best not to try and fix anything on your own, especially if you lack the necessary first aid skills.

There are also some steps that you can take to avoid a trip to an emergency dental clinic in Calgary. Be consistent in your oral care routine and always consult your dentist on any issue that can affect your oral health. If you engage in sports or high impact activities, consider safety gears such as mouthguards and helmets to protect your teeth in the event of an accident.

What You Need to Know About Family Dentistry

Do you know what family dentistry involves or what a family dentist can do? If not, in this blog, we aim to educate you more about family dentistry.

A family dentist practices dental care for people of all ages. Therefore, by choosing a family dentist, you get to enjoy the expanded services they provide. The services that your dentist can provide include preventive dental care and treatment of dental problems that affect people of all ages.

Developing a Good Relationship with Your Dentist

Some people, especially kids, have dental phobias and anxiety. Some of them would rather suffer the agony of a toothache than visit a dentist. However, by choosing a dentist that will offer you and your family dental services for the rest of your lives, you create a bond and environment that is comfortable for your family to receive dental care services.

When the dentist sees your family members on regular basis, they can identify problems and offer treatments easily since the patients will be more willing to explain how they are feeling.

What Services Do Family Dentists Provide?

Some of the services you can receive from a family dentist near you include:

Preventive Dental Care

At our family dental clinic in SW Calgary, we believe that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, our family dentist provides services that aim to prevent dental problems or identify them at their early stages. By identifying dental problems in their early stages, your dentist helps you prevent further complications that would require more invasive dental procedures.

To check the health status of your gums, teeth, and jaws, our family dentist carries out regular dental exams. The exams involve physical assessment, x-rays, and sometimes blood tests if you are at risk of developing gum infections. Also, the family dentist can perform regular dental cleanings to help eliminate plaque and tartar from the gums line and teeth surfaces.

Other preventive dental care procedures that your family dental care procedures that your dentist can perform include fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

Restorative Dental Care

Tooth loss or damage is a dental problem that would face any member of your family. Some of the factors that can cause tooth loss include injury, dental trauma, and tooth decay. At our dental offices in Calgary, the dentist provides restorative options such as dental crowns, implants, bridges, and dentures.

Children might not be eligible to receive some restorative dental procedures. Therefore, our dentist will develop a temporary treatment plan that will provide restorative benefits until they qualify to get dental implants.


Misaligned, misshapen, and gapped teeth affect your smile as well as your bite. Therefore, your family dentist can provide orthodontic treatments or refer you to a specialist. Some of the orthodontic treatments that help improve your smile aesthetics and bite include Invisalign, wired-metal braces, and retainers.

Oral Care Guidance

Since prevention is better than cure, you need to learn how to take care of your teeth at home. Good oral hygiene is the basis of preventing tooth decay and involves:

  • Brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste
  • Flossing thoroughly at least once in a day
  • Replacing your toothbrush every three months to ensure efficiency

To avoid breaking or cracking your teeth, you need to follow some precautional measures, such as avoiding biting on hard objects. Also, when playing contact sports, you can wear a protective mouthguard to prevent dental injuries. Your family dentist will also discourage habits such as smoking and using tobacco products.

Comfortable procedures

Your family dentist understands your phobias and anxiety during dental procedures. Therefore, for children who fear going even for simple oral check-ups and dental cleanings, your dentist will try to create an environment favorable to your family members.

Using sedation dentistry techniques, the dentist will offer relaxation and comfort while sitting in the dental office. Our family dentist at My Dental Clinic creates a conducive environment for kids by cracking jokes and sometimes telling them stories. Some of the sedation dentistry techniques include nitrous oxide inhalation, IV sedation, oral sedation, and general anesthesia.

Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

By having a family dentist, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Appointments that align with your lifestyle
  • Prevention of dental problems
  • Early detection and treatments
  • Convenience due to comprehensive dental care

Compelling Reasons Why You Need Mouth Guards

Preserving healthy and appealing teeth should be your top priority. It’s crucial to routinely follow all the recommended oral healthcare practices provided by the dentist near you. Mouthguards are vital appliances in protecting your teeth against traumatic injuries during sporting activities. Your dentist may also recommend using mouth guards if you clench your teeth or have a TMJ disorder.

Mouthguards are essential in cushioning your jaws, teeth, tongue, and face against injuries. They are used to cover the upper teeth and protect your soft tissues. Your top teeth are more vulnerable to trauma since they stick out more. Placement ofmouthguards on the upper jaws ensures most of your tissues are protected.

What are Mouthguards?

Mouthguards are protective devices used to safeguard your teeth from clenching during sleep or from trauma during sports. Nightguards are useful in reducing snoring and managing obstructive sleep apnea disorder.

There are various types of mouthguards made from an acrylic material that’s soft and friendly to your oral tissues. With mouthguards, you are protected from the following injury scenarios:

  • Concussion
  • Teeth knock-out or dislodging
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Jaw fractures
  • A collision of your lower jaw into the upper jaw
  • Lacerated tongue or lips
  • Objects lodged between your teeth.

Types of Mouthguards You Need to Consider

The dentist near you may recommend an ideal mouthguard for you, and below are some of the options:

  • Boil and bite mouth guards first fitted in boiled water, and then inserted to your dental, to take up its shape.
  • Custom-made mouthguards by your dentist, fit and serve your needs comfortably.
  • Stock mouth guards are readily available but may not fit into your dental well compared to boil and bite mouthguards.

Both you and your child need a mouthguard during rigorous activities, to protect your mouth tissues from trauma and injuries. If you clench your teeth, it would be best to use dental splints or night guards.

Significance of Mouthguards

Having mouthguards is vital in managing various issues and protecting your oral tissues. Below are some of the applications of mouthguards you should consider:

Night Guards help manage sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea, which causes you to halt your breath while asleep periodically. With a mouth guard, your jaws are repositioned, and your airways are opened, allowing free air passage to your lungs, and it helps alleviate snoring disorders.

Mouthguard Protect your braces against damages. If you have a dental bridge and braces, having a mouthguard can be useful. The mouthguard protects your brackets and orthodontic appliances from harm by providing a barrier between your braces and lips to avoid injuries.

Night Guards manage TMJ disorders. If you experience difficulty moving your jaws, migraines, and clicking sound, you are likely to have a TMJ disorder. If your conditions severe, you’ll need to have dental splints during the day. Your dentist customizes the dental splints to manage your complex TMJ issue.

How to Clean Your Mouthguard?

It would help if you used non-abrasive toothpaste to clean your mouthguard. Organic toothpaste is recommendable in cleaning mouthguards.  Ensure you clean your mouthguard daily to maintain proper oral hygiene. Our dentist in southwest Calgary recommends you to clean your mouthguard by using the following approach:

  • Soak your mouthguard in an antiseptic mouthwash
  • Use recommended toothpaste to brush it, and avoid highly abrasive toothpaste
  • You can use warm water to clean off the toothpaste

Most products are highly abrasive, and you need to consult your dentist on the recommended products to use in cleaning your mouthguards.

Choosing Your Mouth Guards in Calgary

At My Dental Clinic, we prioritize your routine oral care and provide preventive measures to protect your oral tissues. We have custom-made athletic mouth guards and night guards to protect your teeth against injuries and grinding.

We recommend using Calgary sports mouthguards to protect your jaws, lips, tongue, and teeth against trauma or injuries during sporting activities. Our mouthguards protect you from having surgically invasive procedures resulted from traumatic injuries.

Our dentist in southwest Calgary provides you with nighttime Mouthguards if you are diagnosed with teeth clenching issues. It will help if you put them on while asleep to avoid grinding your teeth, which leads to tooth loss and increases the likelihood of cavities.

Upon your visit, we’ll examine your dental and recommend an ideal mouthguard for your dental protection. Please schedule an appointment with our Calgary dental specialists today, and get your protective mouth guards today!

Your Ideal Dental Clinic in Calgary

Choosing the right dentistry should be a top priority since you find proper oral health treatment. It will help if you are looking for a clinic that focuses on the needs of your family. Advanced technology and safety equipment is a guarantee that the treatment procedures are comfortable for your family.

Our family dentists in SW Calgary have a vast understanding of the field of dentistry. We choose the best treatment option for your dental issue and guide you regarding the ideal practices you need to follow for the treatment to be effective.

Why We Stand Out in Rendering Dental Care

Our dental clinic in Calgary SW offers you exceptional dental procedures. Once you make an appointment with us, we schedule routine check-ups to ensure your oral hygiene is maintained. Our experienced team utilizes advanced technology to perform diagnostic tests and address your dental conditions. Here’s why you should consider our services:

  • We provide family-based dental care
  • Our schedules are flexible to handle emergencies and offer convenient treatment
  • Consultations are anxiety-free for you and your child
  • The clinic is well-equipped with modern equipment that ensures you are safe

We perform all treatment procedures with suitable approaches based on your conditions. Our specialists, including orthodontics, and pediatric dentists, are dedicated to render quality services to your family. Our dental clinic serves you with restorative, preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.

Some of our Reputable Dentistry Services

We provide you with a diverse range of services, and below are some of the unique services that we offer:


  • Laser-Based Treatment</>



Our dentist in southwest Calgary utilizes laser technology during treatment. The technique is applicable in various dental procedures, including root canal, plaque removal, tissue examination, and dental surgery.

It’s suitable since there’s minimal bleeding, reduced risk of getting infections, and facilitates quicker healing. We examine your dental conditions and plan for a treatment schedule that suits your needs.


  • Pediatric Dentistry



At our dental clinic in Calgary, we offer dental care services for your child. We exam your kid to detect any signs of decay or infections and develop a treatment plan. We perform the following procedures for your child:

  • Fluoride treatment to preserve your child’s enamel and prevent cavities
  • Tooth extraction in case your child undergoes severe mouth trauma or injuries
  • Dental cleaning to avoid the deposition of plaque that leads to severe infections
  • Fillings to prevent further decay on your child’s teeth that are affected by cavities
  • Protecting your kid from decay by use of dental sealants


  • Oral Dental Examinations



We schedule routine dental exams to evaluate your oral health and prevent you from risks. During the appointments, we perform diagnostic tests to check on signs of oral cancer, decay, and other infections. Oral examinations enable us to treat your issues before they become severe, and here’s what we do during oral examinations:

  • Checking on tooth decay
  • Performing a digital X-ray
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Evaluating gum infections

We provide you with additional preventive procedures to remove tartar or plaque buildup during a dental exam and cleaning appointment.


  • Treatment of Periodontal Diseases



Your gums may be infected by bacteria leading to red or swollen gums, loose teeth, and pus on your gums. If untreated, the periodontal infection may spread into your jaw bone and lead to life-threatening complications. Our emergency dentists treat the diseases to protect your gums and other tissues from severe inflammation and pain.


  • Cosmetic Dentistry



Some of our cosmetic procedures include the use of dental implants, bridges, and crowns. We use Botox treatment to relax your muscles and ensure your facial appearance is intact. You can visit our clinic near you in Calgary in case you have a TMJ disorder. All our cosmetic procedures ensure you preserve a brilliant smile.


  • Tooth Extraction



Mouth trauma or injuries may leave your teeth severely damaged, and we perform tooth extraction procedures at our dental clinic in Calgary SW. We try to save your tooth from loss, and the method is a last resort.

Visit My Dental Clinic at Calgary, to undergo a comprehensive treatment for all your dental issues. We are a team of dedicated specialists, and we ensure your oral health is well preserved. Choose our clinic today, and please make an appointment with us for your oral health issues.

5 Ways to Use Dental Veneers in Dentistry 

Dental Veneers in Calgary AB are a big trend in dentistry. Their versatile use has encouraged many patients to try out different dental procedures. One of the great areas of dentistry in the 21st century is cosmetic dentistry. It is a specialty that accords patients of the desires they have for their smiles. If you are looking to get your teeth done to improve your smile, read on to learn more about dental veneers.

What Are Dental Veneers?

They are tooth-shaped oral appliances that are placed on the front surfaces of teeth to improve their appearance. Many times, dental veneers in Calgary are used in cosmetic dentistry, as opposed to restorative dentistry. This means that dental veneers near you are effective for beautifying your smile, giving you excellent results.

Oral veneers feature porcelain materials. The nature of porcelain allows veneers to be color-matched to the color of natural teeth. This gives patients cosmetically appealing results, making it hard to tell apart the veneers from the teeth. Besides, the binding process is very reliable making the veneers one with the natural teeth.

How Can Veneers Be Used?

Dental veneers are some of the most versatile tooth appliances used in dentistry. Their usage is so diverse that almost all cosmetics-related dental problems of the teeth can be fixed with oral veneers. If you are wondering whether you can benefit from oral veneers, consider the following ways in which they are used:

  • For discolored teeth – teeth discoloration is a common problem in dentistry. Many patients come in with different natures of teeth discoloration, some more severe than others. While professional teeth whitening can do the trick, it is not all patients that want to go through such a process of bleaching their natural teeth. Besides, some stains can prove too stubborn for such a treatment option. In such cases, dental veneers are placed over the stained teeth, improving the color and glare of teeth.
  • For cracked and chipped teeth – a crack or chip on one of your teeth can tamper with the perfection of your smile. Such problems can be hard to overlook, especially when they happen in your front teeth. Aside from cracks and chips on teeth, part of your tooth can completely fall off. Such can leave you with unevenly shaped teeth. Dental veneers can be used to cover such flaws on teeth, giving you beautiful teeth.
  • Repairing decayed teeth – dental decay can change the appearance of your tooth significantly. For one, a dark pigment around the are of the oral cavity is left behind. Even with a filling in place, you still want to enjoy a beautiful smile. Instead, dentists can use veneers to repair a decayed tooth, restoring its fullness and appearance.
  • Spaces between teeth – spaces in between your teeth can be a result of losing teeth. For such, a tooth replacement procedure would befit you. However, when the spaces have nothing to do with losing a tooth, then veneers can be of help. These spaces can be explained by orthodontics sometimes your jawbone is too large for the sizes of your teeth. At other times, the problem has to do with the development of your jawbone. While all these are problems that can be addressed with orthodontic treatment, veneers can give you a fuller look. They can cover your teeth, closing up the spaces in between.
  • Unusually shaped teeth – many teeth deformities fall in this category. Some are crooked, others too pointy, and others too short. All these abnormalities can make teeth be displeasing to the eye. With a little help from dental veneers, your teeth can be properly shaped for the perfect smile.

Should You Try Dental Veneers?

Most patients that are candidates for veneers are adults. Children rarely get treated in this way. Veneers are perfect for boosting your self-confidence.

Determining whether or not veneers are an ideal alternative you should align with some of the following factors:

  • Your preferences – would you rather take the long route for your treatment or a relatively non-invasive quick fix for your teeth?
  • Dentist’s views – ultimately, the dental expert knows best when it comes to excellence in oral health.
  • Cost – some treatments take a lot of time which can make them a tad too expensive for your liking.
  • Position of the makeover – usually, front teeth demand more attention to details than back teeth.