Laser Dentistry: A Revolutionary New Approach to Dental Health

What Is Laser Dentistry?

It is the use of laser technology to perform various dental works in dentistry. Laser dentistry entails using lasers to target soft tissues in the mouth. In many cases, dentists use laser dentistry to address gum-related oral problems.

Lasers work by emitting intense beams of light energy that target specific portions of the mouth. The goal is to administer treatment in two main ways in dentistry:

  1. As a cutting instrument – other than cutting through soft tissues, some types of lasers can cut through tooth structures. Dentists can use them as an alternative to dental drills.
  2. As a tissue vaporizer

How Can Lasers Improve Dental Health?

Laser dentistry is an incredible improvement in dentistry, benefiting both patients and dentists. The revolutionary approach provides a new way of performing dental protocols with speed, precision, and heightened success. Laser dentistry in SW, Calgary, is where modern technology meets dentistry to elevate service provision. Some of the areas where lasers can improve your oral health are:

  1. Teeth whitening – lasers activate the whitening agents, bleaching teeth and dissipating stains.
  2. Oral surgeries – dentists can use lasers to cut the gum tissue instead of scissors or scalpels. Some oral surgeries that can benefit from laser dentistry are gum grafting, gum reduction surgery, and frenectomy.
  3. Treating cavities – dentists use lasers to detect cavities. Therefore, when removing the damaged portion of your enamel, the dentist can use a laser to determine the extent of tooth decay. Sometimes, dentists use lasers to find evidence of tooth decay in your mouth where cavities are not obviously visible.
  4. Treating gum disease – lasers can remove bacteria from the gums while reshaping them to overcome recession due to infection.
  5. Cancer diagnosis – after oral cancer screening, your dentist may recommend further tests to determine whether you have cancerous cells in your mouth. Dentists use lasers for lesion removal or tissue extraction for biopsy.
  6. Tooth extractions – particularly for impacted wisdom teeth. Dentists will use lasers to cut the gums, exposing the bone tissue that may be blocking the impacted tooth underneath.
  7. Treating tooth hypersensitivity – lasers seal tooth root tubules during endodontic procedures to counter tooth sensitivity to cold and hot foods.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

If you need more convincing about trying out your dental treatments with laser dentistry, consider the following advantages:

  1. Heightened precision – one of the reasons dental experts opt for laser dentistry is that it promotes accuracy. Such precision increases the success of dental procedures.
  2. Reduces damage to surrounding tissues – lasers target the specific tissues, avoiding accidents on surrounding healthy ones.
  3. Increased comfort – patients always want to know, does laser dentistry hurt? Ideally, it depends on the procedure and treatment you undergo. Invasive dental protocols like surgery will cause discomfort, whether the dentist uses lasers or traditional tools. However, laser dentistry will have lower pain levels, bleeding, and swelling due to heightened precision.
  4. Speedy healing – since you have little to no damage to surrounding tissues, your healing will be quicker after laser dentistry than conventional dentistry.
  5. Less need for stitches – dentists hardly need to suture your gums after treatment with lasers, compared to traditional tools.
  6. Lower risk of infections – usually because lasers are sterile. Further, lasers can destroy bacteria in a tooth for procedures like root canal therapy.

How Can I Find a Qualified Laser Dentist?

Finding the best dental clinic in Calgary is the first step to identifying a qualified laser dentist to conduct your treatments. In an excellent dental clinic, you can be sure that the laser dentist is qualified for the task based on the following actors:

  1. High-quality equipment and technology – to support different dental protocols that utilize lasers.
  2. Certification, training, and experience – hardly will good dental clinics have dental experts with limited training or experience. If you visit us at My Dental Clinic, you will notice the presence of accredited and renowned dental experts in different facets of dentistry, including laser dentistry in SW Calgary.
  3. Reviews and referrals – great customer service is primary for any successful enterprise. Consider patients’ reviews and feedback regarding service provision in a dental clinic to help you identify a qualified laser dentist.