Mouthguards Calgary

Proper oral hygiene and routine care is always recommended for ensuring great oral health, but what about traumatic injuries or grinding? Sports related injuries are one of the biggest contributors to dental injuries, however with a proper athletic mouthguard you can ensure you are protected. Another common problem patients face is grinding or clenching of teeth while sleeping, again a customized one can help!

Mouthguards Calgary

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If you or a loved one plays sports or has a habit of nighttime grinding, contact our Calgary dental office and request to schedule an appointment for one. We look forward to protecting your smile!

Sports Mouthguards Calgary

A sports mouthguard can help protect your lips, tongue, jaw and even teeth from the risk of traumatic injury by cushioning the blow. Most of these meant particularly for sports cover the upper teeth, protecting your jaw and lower teeth as well.

Without using a mouthguard during athletic activities, you run the risk of experiencing a traumatic dental event such as losing both your front teeth! More invasive dental procedures will need to be used to correct your smile if you are involved in a sports related injury.

Nighttime Mouthguards SW Calgary

Mouthguards made for night time clenching or grinding can be a great way to prevent chipping and cracking as well as alleviate some of the annoying symptoms. These must be worn at night and can be removed upon waking up.

Left untreated, clenching/grinding while sleeping can increase your chance for decay, cavities and loss of your teeth. Ultimately resulting in needing crowns, veneers or even dentures!