Memo to Patients from My Dental Clinic

We’re Open!

Dear My Dental Clinic Family,

We are pleased to announce that our office is once again open and adhering to all COVID-19 protocol recommendations for your health and safety. We hope that the announcement of the following implementations will provide you with peace of mind knowing that it’s not just your dental health that is of paramount importance to us, it’s your general health and safety as well.

Your Safety Comes First

Although our doors have been closed, we’ve been busy undergoing modifications to make your next visit safer and more efficient. Before COVID-19, we already practiced a rigorous infection control protocol. After COVID-19, we are taking additional safety precautions to eliminate risks to our patients and our staff.

Every patient will be given a strong anti-microbial rinse before their treatment to further lower the contamination risk.

If you are a patient in a high-risk category that would like to schedule an appointment with us, please mention this to our staff when you call, and we’ll accommodate your visit during low-traffic appointment times.

Staff Training for Your Safety

Our dentists and staff have undergone rigorous training on requisite protocols, appropriate donning, and doffing of personal protective equipment and workflow management for clearance before entering our office.

Screening and Waiting Room Changes

We ask that all symptomatic patients stay at home to avoid any risks.

We’ve removed items from the areas that cannot be easily wiped. In addition, we will be regularly wiping down the common areas throughout the day. As mentioned earlier, every patient will be given a strong anti-microbial rinse to further increase our safety measures.

Additional Infection Control Measures

Two additional implementations are now in place:

  • Filtration Units for Clean Air: We’ve added air filtration units with Hepa Filters that clean the air up to 20 times per hour. These filters remove 99.95% of all microbes (as small as 0.03 microns) and filter out virtually all bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.
  • Extra High-Volume Evacuation: We’ve also added high-volume suction systems that will decrease the number of aerosols that are allowed to escape from a patient’s mouth to further reduce risks. This new high-volume suction system has been proven to remove up to 90% of all aerosols.

Scheduling Changes

Appointment times will be scheduled to allow for maximum social distancing between patients. This means there will be fewer back-to-back appointment times available. As we continue to implement new guidelines and incorporate best practices for safety, we ask for your continued patience.

Extra Personal Protection Equipment

We will be wearing extra personal protection equipment such as gowns, face protection, and hairnets for some higher-risk procedures to further protect our staff and avoid cross-contamination.

We Are Here for You

Your health and safety will always remain our top priority, and COVID-19 has reinforced our commitment to safe, gentle, and comprehensive patient care. Please call our office if you have any questions or special concerns. We look forward to seeing you soon!