How Pediatric Dentists in Calgary Prevent Cavities

How Pediatric Dentists in Calgary Prevent Cavities

May 16, 2019

Cavities in children occur due to 2 main reasons-

  • Puloor dental hygiene
  • Sugary diets

Sugars and carbohydrates collect on and around the teeth which form plaque on the tooth enamel. The acid attacks the tooth enamel, weakens it and makes it prone to tooth decay.

Although baby teeth are eventually lost whereas My Dental Clinic says they fulfil several important functions and must be protected. Good oral hygiene is essential to prevent cavities from forming. It is necessary that children should brush and floss teeth twice a day and visit the dentist biannually for cleanings. Flossing is important because toothbrush can’t reach between the teeth. This helps in removing bacteria from the mouth and reduces the chances of tooth decay.

A pediatric dentist in Calgary can give some excellent tips to prevent cavities from forming in the future.

Dietary Recommendations

The pediatric dentists in Calgary provide dietary recommendations for your child. Too much intake of sugary or starchy foods and beverages lead to cavity formation. Replace sugary snacks with natural foods if possible and soda with water.

Such foods are a problem when they are not properly cleaned from the mouth. They nourish the oral bacteria which cause cavities and raise the acidity level in the mouth.

Start Early

The cavity can be prevented with good oral hygiene routine. The dentists recommend starting cleaning the child’s teeth early in life. As soon as the child’s first teeth grow, start cleaning them with a washcloth. This will remove sticky food particles and harmful bacteria.

Avoid giving the child a bottle with anything except water. Even milk also contains sugar that can lead to tooth decay.

Dentist Appointments

Regular professional cleaning and examination is a great way to maintain excellent oral health. A dental hygienist can clean the areas of the mouth where toothbrush or floss can’t be reached. It is recommended to take your child to the dentist every six months to avoid potential problems. The dentist will identify early signs of tooth decay and take prompt actions.

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