Developing a Good Dental Routine

Developing a Good Dental Routine

Nov 02, 2017

We’re sure that everyone has heard how important a good dental routine can be for achieving optimal oral health. However, a good dental routine can also prevent certain health complications overall. Newer research has shown that poor dental hygiene habits can contribute to heart disease, diabetes complications, and even gastrointestinal problems. So how exactly can you develop a good dental routine to prevent these issues from happening in the first place?


When it comes to brushing those pearly whites, you should be doing it a minimum of twice a day. When brushing be sure not to brush too hard; this can actually wear away enamel. Make sure you also buy a soft-bristled toothbrush as hard bristles can damage enamel as well.

Toothbrush Care

And speaking of toothbrushes, when is the last time you replaced it? If the answer isn’t in the last 3-4 months, you should probably pick one up next time you are at the store! As you use a toothbrush, they will become frayed and worn, making them less effective. Bacteria also begins to grow on the toothbrush, making it not very sanitary. You should also be sure to always store your brush in a place with good air circulation; dark and warm containers and cabinets can promote bacteria growth.


You should also make sure that flossing is part of your daily routine. A toothbrush cannot reach every surface of your tooth; the areas in between often have debris and bacteria that only dental floss can reach. If you prefer something easy, they even make floss picks which can be disposed of after use and help you reach those back teeth!

Professional Dental Care

Along with a proper at-home dental routine, routine professional dental care is also essential for optimal oral health. Be sure to schedule routine oral examinations and dental cleanings so that a professional can evaluate your teeth, discuss necessary treatments and use specialized tools to remove any plaque and tartar you may have missed.

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