Why Mouth Guards are Essential

Why Mouth Guards are Essential

Nov 21, 2018

Is your child involved in an active or high impact sport? There are several different activities that put individuals at a higher risk of damage to their teeth and mouth. Our team at My Dental Clinic in Calgary, AB are eager to provide practical assistance for parents and their families. There are steps you can take to lower your child’s risks of damage. This, in turn, saves parents on time and money that could be spent on dental restorations to fix a wide range of issues. Mouth guards are commonly used to protect teeth as they are an affordable and practical option. Continue reading on to learn why mouth guards are essential.

Pain in the Mouth; Costs to Repair Lost Tooth Far Exceeds Parent Perceptions

Most parents of athletes understand the prices they have to pay to allow their children to remain in certain sports. Equipment used in sports can be expensive and often needs to be replaced. Mouth guards are just another piece of equipment that helps to keep your child safe. The small investment of a mouth guard far outweighs the price it costs to repair a knocked out or broken tooth. Often times, these restoraitons will even need to be replaced, which only adds to the bill. However, and mouth guard can take away all these concerns.

Which Sports Should Require Mouth Guards in Calgary?

Common sports that require mouth guards are football and hockey. It is a norm to bring a mouth guard to every practice and game. However, other sports such as baseball or basketball have just as much risk of tooth and jaw damage. Oral injuries can also occur for sports such as gymnastics or skating. Regardless of the sport your child is in, talk to our dental team to see what extra steps you can take to better protect their oral health in Calgary.

No More Excuses

It may take some pressure to convince your child they need to wear their mouth guard, but it is well worth the effort. Our team at My Dental Clinic provide custom made mouth guards that comfortably fit to each unique smile.