Are You Aware of How Laser Dentistry Can Benefit You?

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Are You Aware of How Laser Dentistry Can Benefit You?

Apr 01, 2020

Dentistry has grown in leaps and bounds and new technologies have been introduced. Laser dentistry is one among them to perform a variety of dental procedures. Laser dentistry can offer comfortable, pain-free, and efficient treatment options than conventional dental treatments that require the use of the drill, scalpel, and other dental tools.

More people are presently considering laser dentistry over conventional methods because it requires little or no anesthetic, causes minimal or no bleeding during the treatment and heals faster. This is despite the fact that laser dentistry is expensive and slow compared to conventional dentistry.

Why Has Laser Dentistry Gained in Popularity?

Any dental procedure that is minimally invasive but delivers effective oral healthcare benefits is certain to be preferred by people and therefore we are sharing with you the advances made in the industry of laser dentistry. It can be used for various dental procedures some of which are dreaded by patients to give them the benefit of leaving their dentist office with a smile on their faces.

What Are Lasers Used for in Dentistry?

The fear of the dreaded root canal treatments has been eliminated by Calgary laser dentistry because the treatment provided is proving more effective than traditional dental treatment. Using this procedure the dentist puts a chemical inside your tooth to create shockwaves. The shockwaves put the chemicals into your canal in all directions. It helps the dentist to clean and remove any bacteria thoroughly than they would have in a traditional dental procedure where they would be using drills and files. Generally, dentists are unable to reach all the bacteria that go into hiding in little canals inside the tooth. However, the photoacoustic effect of the laser combined with the chemicals that have been inserted in the tooth to create the shockwave effect ensures all areas of the canal are cleaned thoroughly and removed. Root canals depend on how well the tooth can be cleaned and therefore lasers prove highly beneficial when providing the treatment.

What Are the Benefits and Downsides of Laser Dentistry?

When you choose to have laser dentistry near you over traditional dental treatment you will be gaining from many advantages. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Laser dentistry does not cause much pain because it is less invasive and reduces the need for anesthesia. The laser can numb the tooth by itself without the need for any shots.
  • Your dental anxiety will be reduced with a laser because the discomfort of the dental drill is eliminated.
  • You will heal better after the treatment because the laser will not damage the tissue like in traditional treatments. The risk of bleeding is reduced as well as any scarring of the surrounding tissues.
  • Laser dentistry in Calgary provides treatments slowly and softly reducing the need for extraction of teeth. You may find more of your tooth preserved even during the treatment of a cavity.
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Some downsides are also associated with laser dentistry and they are the following:

  • Lasers can be used for most dental treatments that require scalpels, drills, and other dental tools. However, the procedure is performed will be slower and the dentist may take more time to complete the treatment.
  • Some treatments cannot be performed with lasers. Lasers cannot be used on teeth that have metal amalgam fillings, to remove faulty crowns or fillings, or prepare the teeth for bridges.
  • Lasers do not eliminate the need for a dental drill altogether. The traditional dental tool may be required to shape or polish fillings and therefore the level of anxiety may not be reduced as believed by laser dentistry.
  • Laser treatments are more expensive than traditional treatments. This is because investment in laser technology can cost up to $ 150,000 as compared to just a few hundred dollars for a dental drill.

Laser dentistry in Calgary, AB, has invested in the technology needed to provide safe and effective dental treatments for teeth whitening, periodontitis, root canals, and impacted wisdom teeth. They also specialize in providing treatment for snoring, sleep apnea, hypersensitivity, and more. Therefore patients that are prepared to spend a little extra and get a treatment that is more advanced than conventional methods will have no hesitation choosing laser dentistry over other methods now that the technology is finally available.

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