Your Ideal Dental Clinic in Calgary

Your Ideal Dental Clinic in Calgary

Aug 31, 2020

Choosing the right dentistry should be a top priority since you find proper oral health treatment. It will help if you are looking for a clinic that focuses on the needs of your family. Advanced technology and safety equipment is a guarantee that the treatment procedures are comfortable for your family.

Our family dentists in SW Calgary have a vast understanding of the field of dentistry. We choose the best treatment option for your dental issue and guide you regarding the ideal practices you need to follow for the treatment to be effective.

Why We Stand Out in Rendering Dental Care

Our dental clinic in Calgary SW offers you exceptional dental procedures. Once you make an appointment with us, we schedule routine check-ups to ensure your oral hygiene is maintained. Our experienced team utilizes advanced technology to perform diagnostic tests and address your dental conditions. Here’s why you should consider our services:

  • We provide family-based dental care
  • Our schedules are flexible to handle emergencies and offer convenient treatment
  • Consultations are anxiety-free for you and your child
  • The clinic is well-equipped with modern equipment that ensures you are safe

We perform all treatment procedures with suitable approaches based on your conditions. Our specialists, including orthodontics, and pediatric dentists, are dedicated to render quality services to your family. Our dental clinic serves you with restorative, preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.

Some of our Reputable Dentistry Services

We provide you with a diverse range of services, and below are some of the unique services that we offer:


  • Laser-Based Treatment</>



Our dentist in southwest Calgary utilizes laser technology during treatment. The technique is applicable in various dental procedures, including root canal, plaque removal, tissue examination, and dental surgery.

It’s suitable since there’s minimal bleeding, reduced risk of getting infections, and facilitates quicker healing. We examine your dental conditions and plan for a treatment schedule that suits your needs.


  • Pediatric Dentistry



At our dental clinic in Calgary, we offer dental care services for your child. We exam your kid to detect any signs of decay or infections and develop a treatment plan. We perform the following procedures for your child:

  • Fluoride treatment to preserve your child’s enamel and prevent cavities
  • Tooth extraction in case your child undergoes severe mouth trauma or injuries
  • Dental cleaning to avoid the deposition of plaque that leads to severe infections
  • Fillings to prevent further decay on your child’s teeth that are affected by cavities
  • Protecting your kid from decay by use of dental sealants


  • Oral Dental Examinations



We schedule routine dental exams to evaluate your oral health and prevent you from risks. During the appointments, we perform diagnostic tests to check on signs of oral cancer, decay, and other infections. Oral examinations enable us to treat your issues before they become severe, and here’s what we do during oral examinations:

  • Checking on tooth decay
  • Performing a digital X-ray
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Evaluating gum infections

We provide you with additional preventive procedures to remove tartar or plaque buildup during a dental exam and cleaning appointment.


  • Treatment of Periodontal Diseases



Your gums may be infected by bacteria leading to red or swollen gums, loose teeth, and pus on your gums. If untreated, the periodontal infection may spread into your jaw bone and lead to life-threatening complications. Our emergency dentists treat the diseases to protect your gums and other tissues from severe inflammation and pain.


  • Cosmetic Dentistry



Some of our cosmetic procedures include the use of dental implants, bridges, and crowns. We use Botox treatment to relax your muscles and ensure your facial appearance is intact. You can visit our clinic near you in Calgary in case you have a TMJ disorder. All our cosmetic procedures ensure you preserve a brilliant smile.


  • Tooth Extraction



Mouth trauma or injuries may leave your teeth severely damaged, and we perform tooth extraction procedures at our dental clinic in Calgary SW. We try to save your tooth from loss, and the method is a last resort.

Visit My Dental Clinic at Calgary, to undergo a comprehensive treatment for all your dental issues. We are a team of dedicated specialists, and we ensure your oral health is well preserved. Choose our clinic today, and please make an appointment with us for your oral health issues.

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