What You Should Know About Fluoride Treatments

What You Should Know About Fluoride Treatments

Aug 10, 2018

Fluoride is an easy and effective way to protect our teeth, and it can be found in several different forms. Our dental staff at My Dental Clinic encourage its use for our patients especially in the form of professional fluoride treatment. This form is prescription strength and greatly benefits teeth. Continue reading on to learn more about topical fluoride treatment.

  1. FLUORIDE IS A NATURAL MINERAL. Fluoride is commonly found in water, soil, and rocks.
  2. PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE WORTH THE COST. Investing in a fluoride treatment is much cheaper than treating the cost of decay.
  3. FLUORIDE FIGHTS CAVITIES BY STRENGTHENING ENAMEL. Fluoride works to remineralize and harden the tooth’s enamel.
  4. FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE NOT JUST FOR KIDS! Any individual can be affected by cavities. Therefore, fluoride is beneficial for anyone that has a high risk for cavities.
  5. PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS CAN REVERSE SMALL CAVITIES! The early stages of demineralization that lead to cavities can be stopped with the help of professional fluoride treatments.
  6. PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE SAFE. Fluoride dosages regulated by your dentist are safe for individuals to use at any age.
  7. PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS DO NOT STAIN TEETH. Fluorosis (stains from too much fluoride intake) only occurs during tooth formation.
  8. PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS DO NOT HURT. Fluoride treatments are quick, easy, and totally painless with help from our dental team.
  9. YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK AFTER A FLUORIDE VARNISH TREATMENT. Your dentist will help you see if your treatment requires a short wait period.

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