The Conspiracy Theories and Facts of Fluoride

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The Conspiracy Theories and Facts of Fluoride

Jul 03, 2018

Are you wondering if fluoride treatment may be right for you and your family? Trying to decipher between the conspiracy theories and facts? At My Dental Clinic, we recommend our fluoride treatments in Calgary for most of our patients and want to ensure that they are completely informed and educated on the matter.

Is Fluoride Toxic?

Yes, much like any other substance such as Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and even water! We don’t recommend overusing fluoride. However, plenty of research has been done to show that when done properly, fluoride treatments can actually greatly improve oral health among patients. We do not recommend drinking fluoride, swallowing a large amount of fluoride toothpaste or even giving it to children that are too young.

Ultimately, we believe that when used properly, fluoride has many benefits we would like our patients to experience and think that any issues can be avoided.

The Fluoride Conspiracy Theory

When it comes to conspiracy theories and fluoride, there are a TON. People believe the government adds it to our water to keep the population “apathetic,” others believe that fluoride is used to lower the IQ of children. We believe that fluoride is beneficial when used directly on the tooth and only recommend our in-office fluoride treatments which are performed by a trained professional.

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Dental Fluoride Facts

Regardless of the conspiracy theories surrounding Fluoride, research has proven that Fluoride is an effective treatment to prevent tooth decay, strengthen/remineralize teeth and even reverse early signs of decay.

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