How Fluoride Treatment Helps Your Teeth

How Fluoride Treatment Helps Your Teeth

Jun 21, 2018

At My Dental Clinic in SW Calgary, AB, we are passionate at getting our patients to achieve the health and beautiful appearance of well-maintained teeth. A simple visit to our dentist office twice a year can be beneficial to your oral health for many reasons. There are many dental treatments to keep up with, and they all offer a valuable benefit to you as a patient. Fluoride treatment for some patients is the right choice to improve the long-term health of your teeth.

What is Fluoride?

First of all, fluoride is a natural mineral, and can be found in many water sources. Research has shown that fluoride is important to the health of your teeth in order to reduce cavities, repair early tooth decay, and much much more. Fluoride can repair the enamel on your teeth that is most typically damage through day-to-day use. Fluoride helps with the process of remineralization and strengthens your teeth to fight off decay.

Many can agree that fluoride treatment for children is much more important than any other age group. This is due to young patients having teeth that are just beginning to develop and grow, and the use of fluoride can ensure that they have a healthy future ahead of them. Making sure children get enough fluoride is important as this mineral serves as an important line of defense against tooth decay from a young age. It is important to note however that chloride can be just as important for adults.

Fluoride Treatment for Adults

Children are not the only ones that have to deal with tooth decay, adults also have to take the necessary steps to avoid the possibility of said Decay. Fluoride treatments make teeth stronger no matter what your age, and through this treatment you will hopefully be able to avoid issues that come along with weakened tooth enamel.

A Simple Treatment

Fluoride treatment is relatively simple and quick. treatment such as a fluoride varnish, which in essence is fluoride that is brushed onto the teeth and allowed to sit for a period of several hours is beneficial to your teeth, and a simple way to get the necessary fluoride.

Fighting tooth decay is so important for patients of all ages, with that being said it is important for you to contact your local dentist in order to take the necessary steps to keep your teeth safe. If you live in the SW Calgary, AB, area or it’s surrounding communities, we at My Dental Clinic would love the opportunity to treat you and your family.

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