How to Know You’re Ready for an Emergency Dental Appointment

How to Know You’re Ready for an Emergency Dental Appointment

Mar 01, 2019

Your tooth may be hurting but does that qualify as dental emergency. The discomfort may be troubling you but it’s important to understand if the discomfort needs immediate dental help or you can wait till next morning to see the dentist in SW Calgary, AB. On the other hand, some patients take the dental issues lightly and assume that they can wait which can lead to serious consequences. Dentists say that how quick you respond to a dental emergency makes all the difference.

When do you know you need emergency dentistry?

Here’s a look at some situations that are dental emergencies:

  • Tissue bleeding
  • Tissue injury and facial pain
  • Tooth pain
  • Tooth damage
  • Knocked-out tooth because of injury or accidents
  • Loose or out of alignment tooth
  • Chipped/ cracked/ fractured tooth

It’s suggested to consult a dental professional in Calgary for pain management if you have pain that does not go away.

What to do in a dental emergency?

If you are not able to see the dentist right away, there are few things that will help you in protecting your smile:

  • Knocked out teeth

You need to avoid touching the roots and keep the tooth clean and hydrated in a bowl of milk or cold water. This will help in increasing the chances of the tooth getting revived.

  • Food objects stuck between the teeth

You must try to remove unwanted particles with the help of mouthwash or floss. Avoid using sharp object for avoiding any injury to the soft tissues around gums.

  • Cracked or damaged fillings

This may cause pain but you may be able to reattach the restoration temporarily with help of dental adhesive and relieve the pain with the help of over the counter medications.

Why choose our clinics for your emergency dentistry needs?

We have a team of trained and experienced dentists in all our locations who can deal with any dental pain and emergency. The dental professionals diagnose the root cause of the dental problem and offer immediate treatment for your relief.