When Tooth Extractions Is Beneficial For Dental Health

When Tooth Extractions Is Beneficial For Dental Health

Nov 01, 2021

What would be your first thought if you received a recommendation for tooth extractions in Calgary? You probably curse the dentist, thinking they are unnecessarily subjecting you to intense pain and the added cost of getting replacement teeth by recommending tooth removal for no reason. However, would you mind considering why precisely has the dentist recommended tooth removal instead of trying to preserve it using all treatments available? Your thinking is justified because it is the popular perception of the general public that dentists recommend tooth removal without sufficient reasons, even when they have excessive tooth decay, infections, or crowding in their mouths.

It will help if you think differently because dentists are expected to preserve each tooth they receive for treatment and only recommend removal as a last resort. All dentists, including the dentist in Calgary, SW, are diligent; they will not recommend tooth extractions unless they are genuinely necessary to protect your oral and overall health. Unfortunately, the term tooth extraction alone makes you fear the worst without considering the beneficial results of having your tooth removed, which you may not understand because you do not have the dentist’s experience.

Why do Dentists recommend Tooth Extractions?

Consider a situation where you developed a cavity in your tooth, and the dentist near me recommended getting dental fillings immediately to prevent further damage. You ignore the suggestion thinking the pit will heal by itself, which it never does. In reality, the hole in your tooth created by the bacteria expands until it gets to the dental pulp to infect it, causing excruciating pain when biting or chewing and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. You allow the infection to continue unchecked until you reach a situation where tooth extraction is the only remedy left to eradicate the disease from your mouth. The Calgary dentist tries to preserve your tooth by providing antibiotics. However, if the situation doesn’t improve, the dentist has no option but to recommend extractions because it benefits your oral and overall health.

Instead of refusing the dental filling in the initial stages, you allowed the infection to continue working unchecked until you compelled the dentist to recommend tooth extractions as the optimal remedy to safeguard your health. Isn’t the dentist doing you a favour by recommending tooth removal?

Many patients visit the Calgary dentist with impacted wisdom teeth causing multiple problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and pain. Most dentists recommend wisdom tooth removal soon after they erupt, even if they don’t cause any issues. Wisdom teeth emerging between 17 and 25 don’t have sufficient space in the jaw to erupt correctly. They either remain impacted below the gumline or push towards the neighboring teeth to cause crowding. In such cases, dentists have no alternative but to recommend surgical tooth removal near me.

Surgical wisdom tooth removal is a straightforward procedure that eliminates infections from developing in the patient’s mouths and allows them to enjoy better dental and oral health. Therefore, the dentist favours patients and does not recommend the extraction because they feel it benefits them.

Why Mustn’t You Fear Tooth Extractions?

Tooth extractions are standard among adults for many reasons. Besides the situations mentioned above, tooth extractions are also necessary among people undergoing chemotherapy or considering organ transplants because they may have compromised teeth that need the extraction to keep their mouths healthy.

A dentist or an oral surgeon performs the tooth removal procedure. The extractions are performed under local, intravenous, or general anesthesia, depending on which tooth or teeth need removal. Visible teeth are pulled in the dental office after you receive local anesthesia. Broken teeth lying below the gum line require a complicated procedure performed by an oral surgeon under intravenous or general anesthesia.

Whether you are undergoing a surgical or straightforward extraction, you must provide your entire medical history to the dentist to ensure you receive quality treatment. The removal procedure itself is completed within a short time allowing you to proceed home to recover.

If you need a tooth removed from the aesthetic zone of your mouth, you can discuss replacement solutions with the dentist, who happily recommends various options available to cover the gap in your mouth. However, if you had an impacted wisdom tooth removed, you don’t have to worry about replacements because wisdom teeth are already a burden in your mouth that isn’t necessary.

If a dentist recommends tooth extractions, accept the suggestion as a technique of eliminating infections or problems from your mouth and not a hassle. Dentists are saviors of your teeth and will make every effort possible to preserve them and recommend extractions as a last resort.