What to Do If You Have Loose Fillings or a Chipped Tooth

What to Do If You Have Loose Fillings or a Chipped Tooth

Jul 07, 2022

Various aspects may lead to loss of your dental fillings, including tooth decay, teeth clenching, or traumatic injury. However, you can have a replacement for your dental fillings at Calgary. A chip on your tooth can be painful, and if untreated, you may require extensive dental procedures. Loose fillings or chipped teeth may expose your tissues to severe pain and sensitivity, and you might need emergency dental care.

Whether you experience any symptoms of a chipped tooth or loose fillings, it’s crucial to seek an appointment with your dental specialist. Bacterial infection or decay that causes you to have a filling can further cause deterioration of your tooth and lead to severe dental health.

How to Handle a Broken Tooth or Fillings?

If you accidentally fracture or break your tooth or fillings, it’s vital to seek immediate treatment from your emergency dentist in Calgary, SW. Chips, fractures, and damage to your tooth or dental fillings may lead to eventual permanent tooth loss. Before seeking help from your dentist, you can follow the procedure below:

  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater
  • Take prescribed pain relievers to lessen pain
  • Use a cold pack to suppress inflammation, pain or prevent swelling
  • Cover your broken tooth edge or chipped filling with wax or gum temporarily before seeking a permanent solution
  • Eat soft foods to avoid further damage

What to Do If have a Chipped Tooth

Our dental clinic in Calgary provides you with vital home-based tips to fix your broken tooth or chipped fillings.

  • If your tooth is broken or chipped, it’s essential to rinse it with warm water. Then, you can apply pressure to stop bleeding or use a cold pack to reduce swelling as you seek further treatment.
  • For a loose filling, you need to visit your emergency dentist for immediate restorations.
  • If your tooth is accidentally knocked out, you need to place a gauze pad and return it to its sockets as you seek emergency dental care.

A chipped tooth can be painful or sensitive, and you can take recommended pain relievers as you seek further dental treatment.

What Can You Do If You Have Loose Filling

If you have a broken or loose filling, you need to make an appointment with your dentist at our dental clinic in Calgary. Early treatment prevents bacterial infection or decay from occurring. However, if you fail to find immediate dental treatment, you can follow to tips below to avoid dental complications and alleviate pain:

  • Take recommended medication to relieve pain
  • Use saltwater to rinse your mouth
  • Use an ice pack to compress the swollen and affected tooth
  • Cement the tooth temporarily to seal the tooth and prevent bacterial entry

How Can You Prevent Dental Emergencies from occurring?

If your tooth is chipped but not hurting, it is usually not a dental emergency, and you can visit a dentist in a few days. However, chewing with caution is necessary to avoid further chipping. Your dentist may smooth out the chip or restore the tooth with dental fillings in Calgary.

A cracked or fractured tooth is a significant problem that requires immediate attention. Fractured or broken teeth usually indicate that the inner and outside of the tooth have been damaged. It’s also ideal for visiting our emergency dentist at Calgary SW if your broken tooth is bleeding or painful.  You can follow the tips below to prevent dental emergencies from occurring:

  • Use night guards to prevent teeth clenching as you sleep
  • Wear a mouth guard to safeguard you from traumatic injuries while engaging in rigorous outdoor activities
  • Make periodic visits to your dentist for checkups on your dental fillings and replacement
  • Seek dental help if you have a fractured, chipped, or damaged tooth to prevent further deterioration

Dental Treatments for a Broken or Loose Filling

At My Dental Clinic, we handle loose or broken teeth with ultimate care. Our experts ensure you undergo restoration the same day to prevent further deterioration. If you encounter unprecedented occurrences when our dental offices are closed, we provide you with home-based tips to manage your broken tooth or chipped fillings before seeking further treatment.

We also examine your dental status to determine whether you need to undergo emergency treatment. Please visit our specialists today if you have a chipped tooth or loose fillings and minimize the risk of undergoing extensive dental procedures.

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