The Fluoride Toothpaste Conspiracy: Dissecting the Truth

The Fluoride Toothpaste Conspiracy: Dissecting the Truth

Sep 01, 2022

Many conspiracy theories claim that fluoride calcifies the brain and many more. However, for years the naturally occurring mineral has been used to reverse the action of dental caries and strengthen the tooth enamel. Also, the body that supervises disease control and prevention recommends fluoridated water to minimize tooth decay. However, our SW Calgary dentist recommends fluoride treatment for you and your child due to its significant role in protecting the dental enamel. In this article, we’ll explore various facts regarding fluoride.

Why Is Fluoride Added to Toothpaste?

Fluoride is ideal for developing teeth in children since it strengthens the enamel and shields it from decay. Additionally, fluoride lowers the capability of acid production by a plaque to prevent dental caries. Fluoride is added to the toothpaste to aid in reversing the action of tooth decay. Fluoride treatment provides your tooth enamel with an additional layer and protects it against plaque buildup and decay.

The Purported Benefits of Fluoride

Mouth bacteria produce acids that erode the tooth enamel and lead to demineralization. Once your tooth enamel s weakened, it’s vulnerable to cavities. Fluoride is ideal for various roles, including:

  • It reverses tooth decay once detected at the early stages
  • Remineralize a weak tooth enamel
  • It prevents the loss of minerals in your tooth enamel
  • Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria

The addition of fluoride to toothpaste lowers the risk of developing dental caries in children, and undergoing fluoride treatments in Calgary can be suitable for your child.

Is Fluoride Safe for You?

There has been fluoride toothpaste conspiracy regarding its safety for use in toothpaste and its presence in fluoridated water. However, the amount of fluoride used in toothpaste is considered safe. Overall, fluoride intake in water, mouthwashes, and toothpaste is regulated and ideal. Nevertheless, some administrative bodies advocate against the use of fluoridated water, claiming that fluoride can lead to health conditions including:

  • Diabetes
  • Acne
  • cardiovascular problems like myocardial damage and high blood pressure
  • low fertility rates
  • TMJ disorder and bone cancer
  • Low IQ
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • Immune system complications
  • cognitive and neurological deficits

Fluoride has been available naturally in drinking water for years, and scientific research has proven its safety for consumption. The presence of high doses of fluoride can lead to adverse effects like fluorosis, but the right amount can aid in dental protection.

Fluoride treatments Calgary utilizes recommended amount of fluoride concentrate for your teeth. During your in-office fluoride treatment appointment, our specialists use fluoride solution, gel, foam, or varnish for treatment to prevent cavities and shield your tooth enamel.

The Supposed Dangers of Fluoride

The fluoride toothpaste conspiracy had been on the trend despite fluoride being used for many decades in toothpaste. Although fluoride is a natural mineral, the doses should be limited. Consuming fluoridated water with high amounts of fluoride or a highly concentrated fluoride solution is not advisable. Some of the adverse effects of fluoride in excess include:

Dental Fluorosis– consuming a lot of fluoridated water could result in white spots on your dental surfaces. The condition is likely to affect those under eight years old child. Your kid might swallow toothpaste or consume fluoridated water in excess.

Skeletal Fluorosis– this affects your bones instead of teeth, and its symptoms include stiffness and joint pain. When the condition is long-lived, it alters the bone structure and leads to the calcification of ligaments.

Fluoride naturally occurs in water, rocks, and soil, and it’s ideal for protecting your teeth against dental caries and re-mineralizes your dental surface. At My Dental Clinic, we recommend fluoride-based toothpaste to safeguard your teeth against enamel erosion and fight plaque. Fluoride is safe as long as one doesn’t consume it.

Supervising your child while brushing their teeth is crucial and ensuring they spit toothpaste after a dental cleaning. Ingesting copious amounts of fluoride at an early age may lead to the development of fluorosis that causes spots on your child’s teeth. Therefore, it’s recommendable to consult your SW Calgary dentist on the ideal and ADA-approved kind of toothpaste for you and your child. Fluoride treatment is essential for enhancing strong teeth and effectively fighting decay. Specialists utilize a high fluoride concentration during the treatment, but it is approved and deemed suitable for use.