The Consequences of Drinking Carbonated Beverages after Dental Implants

The Consequences of Drinking Carbonated Beverages after Dental Implants

Feb 01, 2023

If you, like many people, don’t realize alcohol is a toxin and, when consumed excessively, can significantly impact your general health, including jeopardizing the newly placed dental implants in SW Calgary with a condition called avascular necrosis.

Alcohol, unlike cigarettes, impacts your oral health mildly. Therefore, if you don’t drink immediately after implant placement or have carbonated drinks like beer, you can rest assured that your dental implants will not get affected.

Avascular Necrosis Explained

Avascular necrosis is a condition that causes bone death. If you have avascular necrosis, your bone starts dying because you have too few blood vessels or they become clogged. Any dental trauma that requires bone healing after placement of dental implants by the dentist in Calgary, SW, can result in this condition which is most likely in people who smoke because smoking hampers the formation of blood vessels.

Dentists think alcohol consumption causes bone death because it decreases your body’s ability to absorb fat, leaving excess fat in the blood. As a result, the fat clogs the blood vessels in the bone, resulting in starvation and death.

Why No Carbonated Beverages after Dental Implants?

After undergoing an intensive procedure to replace your missing teeth by getting dental implants from the dentist Calgary SW, the last thing you want is to confront challenges like avascular necrosis to encourage bone death to result in failure of the dental implants. In addition, the initial 72 hours are the most vulnerable for your dental implants, making it essential for you to refrain from having any alcoholic beverages or even carbonated drinks. Therefore dentists recommend not having carbonated beverages after getting dental implants placed in your jawbone.

The Risks of Carbonated Beverages after Dental Implants

If you realize the risks of consuming carbonated beverages like beer and other drinks after dental implant placement, you must understand the beverage can impact the natural healing response of your body to delay your recovery. As you heal from dental implant placement, your body must rebuild the lost and damaged skin, collagen, bone cells, and blood vessels. Carbonated beverages interfere with the healing signals to delay some aspects of the healing, particularly blood vessel formation. As new bone regenerates, poor blood vessel supply results in starvation and death.

The risks of avascular necrosis are significant even if you have one carbonated drink during the initial 72 hours, making it necessary to avoid drinking any beverages that impact your implant.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

The risks of your dental implants failing continue even after you have healed if you consume excessive alcohol after the initial 72 hours. This is because your alcohol consumption results in inadequate blood supply to trigger the condition described earlier. In addition, any trauma triggers avascular necrosis to bone remodeling, which is more dynamic in the jaw than in other parts of your body.

No definition is available on what excessive alcohol consumption means, specifically to dental implants, because no studies have been performed to define excessive consumption. However, dentists consider determinations of other areas of bone death as the risks of avascular necrosis in the femoral head, where it commonly occurs.

Studies determine that patients with implants having carbonated drinks frequently are at a higher risk of combating the consequences of drinking with implants. Patients consuming excessive alcohol and remaining in the top 10 percent of alcohol drinkers have risks that are 18 times higher than other people. Therefore, you can consider the insignificant risk and question why no carbonated drinks after dental implant. However, dentists consider the risk significant because it results in implant failure.

During your consultation for dental implants from the Calgary dentist, they inquire about your lifestyle habits. They suggest you quit smoking and refrain from consuming alcohol or carbonated beverages 24 hours before implant placement and 72 hours after. Dentists consider the risks of bone death that might occur if you neglect their advice to challenge the decision of not having the prohibited beverages. Therefore if you wish to have natural-looking artificial teeth to replace your missing dentition, you must adhere to the dentist’s instructions unless you want to invite a severe complication in your mouth that might leave you without teeth because you requested avascular necrosis to affect your jawbone.

My Dental Clinic provides dental implants advising them to refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks from 24 hours before to 72 hours after the placement. Consult this practice if you desire dental implants to replace your missing teeth, preparing to adhere to the dentist’s instructions.

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