Teeth Whitening: What are the Available Options and Is It Safe?

Teeth Whitening: What are the Available Options and Is It Safe?

Aug 02, 2021

Our teeth can discolor because of the food and drinking beverages like coffee and tea, habits like smoking, and poor dental decay. Age and medication also affect the shade of the teeth and cause them to appear brown. When discoloration occurs, you can bleach your teeth with professional teeth whitening.

But before you get teeth whitening in Calgary, it is important to know what dental bleaching involves and what products are suitable for you.

When is Teeth Whitening Not an Option?

Teeth whitening is an effective cosmetic procedure, but it is not recommended for everyone. For our dentist in Calgary, SW to perform professional teeth bleaching, you need to have healthy teeth. If you have thin enamel or suffer from tooth sensitivity, the dentist may recommend other forms of treatment.

You may also not be a candidate for teeth whitening if you have dental restoration like bridges and veneers. These shade of these restorations are cannot be altered once they are fixed. The dentist will have to replace them to improve your smile.

Which Teeth Whitening Option is Ideal for You?

Several teeth bleaching treatments are available that can help whiten your teeth. You can either choose cosmetic, professional teeth whitening, or do-it-yourself remedies. All these options can remove stains, but their effectiveness differs.

  • Cosmetic teeth whitening products

Cosmetic teeth whitening products are readily available at your local drug store. These products come in different forms, toothpaste, gel, and mouth rinse. Although the products contain a whitening agent, they are not as effective. This is because some contain low levels of bleaching components and some higher concentrations that may affect the teeth.

  • Professional teeth whitening treatment

In-office professional teeth whitening is done at our dental offices in Calgary, SW. It is the most recommended option as the dentist will take the necessary precautions to protect the gums and teeth.

The in-office whitening treatment is effective because they contain higher levels of bleaching agent. This treatment is done in 45 minutes and it includes three 15-minute intervals. The dentist will apply the whitening agent on the teeth, leave it for 15 minutes, and then rinse. Laser light can be used to activate the content and hasten the process.

You may get at-home whitening kits that are customized to fit your teeth and help to maintain the results. Consult a dentist near you for more information about the whitening kits.

  • D.I.Y whitening products

Using D.I.Y whitening products like activated charcoal and baking soda is common. However, no research supports the premise and that is why it is important to avoid using the whitening remedies without first consulting the dentist.

Baking soda can remove mild stains, but it harsh and can wear out the enamel and increase the risk of decay. It also changes the acidity levels in the mouth, which also contributes to eroding the teeth.

Are There Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth sensitivity is the primary side effect of teeth whitening. Our teeth are porous and the whitening agent will penetrate through and affects the nerves, making sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

You will experience sensitivity, but it is transient, meaning it will clear after a while. The dentist will prescribe tooth-sensitive toothpaste to ease the discomfort.

How Long Will the Whitening Results Last?

The whitening results are not permanent, and the results will last depending on how well you take care of the teeth. You are advised to avoid taking staining foods and drinks like coffee, tea, and wine. If you take them, ensure you clean your teeth afterward to keep the teeth from absorbing the compounds. Other ways you can support the teeth are by avoiding smoking, over consumption of alcohol, and practicing proper dental hygiene.

Also, get regular teeth cleaning that removes the plaques accumulated on the gum line. Teeth cleaning is not a whitening procedure, but it will brighten your teeth.

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