Fluoride Treatments for Kids: Are They Safe?

Fluoride Treatments for Kids: Are They Safe?

Jan 01, 2022

Your kid develops their first tooth by age one, allowing you to rejoice. You enjoy looking at the newly erupted tooth and the smile of your child little realizing it is time for you to schedule an appointment with My Dental Clinic to ensure your kid doesn’t develop tooth decay at an early age. You probably think your kid is immune from issues like cavities because they are not even snacking frequently on sugary and starchy foods. However, unless you obtain an expert view on this subject from the dentist at the facility suggested, you are in for a surprise besides considerable expenditure.


Why are we talking about cavities on your kid’s teeth? Perhaps you don’t realize your kid’s teeth also have enamel and their mouths are full of bacteria responsible for creating problems in the mouth. If you haven’t already taken your kid to a pediatric dentist near you, we suggest you don’t delay the visit any longer because you expose your kid to unwanted dental complications and yourself to financial expenditure.


When you visit the dental facility, the dentist recommends you clean your kid’s teeth with a tiny grain no bigger than a grain of rice of fluoride toothpaste to strengthen their enamel to prevent cavities. If you inquire further, the dentist provides information your kid can develop cavities even when they breastfeed or sleep with a bottle of milk or infant formula. If you are not aware of fluoride, we suggest you continue reading this article to realize how to safeguard your kid’s teeth.


Why Is Fluoride Essential?


A fundamental mineral helping builds strong teeth and preventing cavities is fluoride. For decades fluoride has been a necessary oral health remedy. Supporting healthy tooth enamel and fighting the bacteria harmful to the teeth and gums is the responsibility of fluoride. The robust outer layer of every tooth is called tooth enamel.


Children are at risk of developing dental cavities either when breastfeeding or even as they grow up. Cavities occur on children’s teeth from the buildup of bacteria forming a sticky layer of plaque. Acids are created by a plaque to erode the teeth and gum tissue. When plaque penetrates the enamel layer, the bacteria infect and harm the nerves and blood tissues at the tooth’s center. If you enjoyed your kid’s smile with their newly erupted tooth, you must ensure you help them retain their smile for a lifetime by getting fluoride treatment in Calgary, AB, when recommended by the dentist.


Is Fluoride Safe for Kids?


The safety of fluoride treatments for kids remains undisputed. You must brush your kid’s teeth from the age of three, applying a thin layer of fluoride toothpaste on their toothbrush. The toothpaste should cover less than 50 percent of the toothbrushes bristles and can remain the size of a rice grain.


Between three to six years, you can increase the toothpaste to the size of pea green. However, you must supervise your kid to ensure they spit the toothpaste instead of swallowing it.


The Benefits of Fluoride


Fluoride for teeth functions by restoring lost minerals to the tooth’s surface where enamel erosion caused by bacteria may have occurred. Fluoride also prevents the growth of harmful mouth bacteria from preventing cavities further.


Please do not assume fluoride removes decay while it creates a robust outer surface of the teeth. However, it prevents corrosion from penetrating the deeper parts of the teeth. Adults and children both benefit from fluoride treatments, and the sooner children are exposed to fluoride, the likelihood of them developing cavities diminishes. Extensive studies confirm that children and adolescents receiving fluoride treatments for a year were 43 percent less likely to develop tooth decay or cavities.


Do Children Need to Use Fluoride Toothpaste?


Brushing children’s teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is the optimal way to remove plaque from their teeth and gums. Flossing is also essential to reach tooth surfaces challenging for a toothbrush to reach.


If you live in an area where fluoridated water is available, your child can benefit from drinking tap water. However, the ADA recommends it is optimal to get fluoride topically or systemically. Therefore using fluoride toothpaste is essential for your child to restore the lost minerals to their tooth enamel. If your kid is at high risk of dental caries, the Calgary dentist may recommend topical treatments at the dentist’s office to supplement your other efforts.


Besides fluoride treatments, your kid must also brush their teeth two times a day for two minutes without exceptions. Flossing once and avoiding sugary foods and beverages, and getting six-monthly dental cleanings are also essential. Therefore the safety of fluoride treatments for children is undisputed as it prevents damage to their oral health when combined with excellent oral hygiene practices.

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