Fluoride Treatment: an In-Depth Review

Fluoride Treatment: an In-Depth Review

Jan 01, 2023

Canadian tap water has contained trace amounts of fluoride for seven decades to inhibit tooth decay. As a result, the fluoride content in the water has reduced tooth decay by 25 percent, states the CDA and the CDC. Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, helps build strong teeth and prevents cavities.

Although you can get fluoride from water and toothpaste, in-office fluoride treatments from dentists offer more significant benefits. The treatments are beneficial if you are at high risk of tooth decay but might only be suitable for some.

This article looks at the treatment recommendations for fluoride, its benefits and its side effects.

Fluoride Treatment Explained

If you are not aware of what is fluoride treatment at dentists, these are merely in-office treatments containing a high concentration of fluoride applied by a dentist or hygienist to the teeth to improve dental health and reduce cavity risks. In-office treatments come in the form of solutions, gels, varnish or foam. You can also purchase some high-concentration fluoride treatments for use at home. However, you can do so only if recommended by a dentist. The fluoride in in-office treatments is not dissimilar to the fluoride in toothpaste. However, the concentration levels are higher and offer immediate benefits.

When to Get Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment recommendations for adults vary, and various bodies have studied the range of concentration, frequencies of treatment, and doses. Professional fluoride treatments help if you have a moderate to high risk of tooth decay. Experts recommend getting fluoride treatments in Calgary twice a year for people at high risk of cavities. However, people must discuss the benefits and downsides of fluoride treatments and consider all sources of fluoride, including fluoride toothpaste, mouthwash, and fluoridated water. People living in areas without fluoridated water benefit significantly from frequent fluoride treatments.

Cavities are prominent in children during childhood and are five times more common than asthma. Therefore pediatric dentists recommend fluoride treatment for all children soon after their teeth emerge. The suggestion is to prevent decay, discomfort, and dental infections later.

How to Find a Fluoride Treatment Dentist?

Finding a fluoride treatment dentist in Calgary is relatively easy because most dentists provide these treatments after inquiring about your medical health history. However, you can also browse the Internet to search for a fluoride treatment dentist, confident you will soon receive a list of providers in your locality to help strengthen your teeth. Therefore if you are at risk of tooth decay, you must consider the effort essential to prevent complications in your mouth from a condition that can result in various problems.

The Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments from dentists have many benefits. Prominent among them include the following:

In-office fluoride treatments from the Calgary dental clinic help the body use minerals like calcium and phosphate better. Your teeth absorb the minerals to strengthen weak enamel.

Fluoride treatments join into the tooth structure in developing teeth to help strengthen tooth enamel making the teeth invulnerable to mouth bacteria and holes for life.

Fluoride treatments can slow or reverse early tooth decay by harming the bacteria causing it.

When combined, the benefits of fluoride reduce the risk of cavities or slow them down, delay the requirement of expensive dental treatments, extend the longevity of baby teeth, and cut down the time and money you might have to spend at dentist’s offices.

Fluoride treatments prevent cavities and slow down the progress of bacteria to help prevent gum disease, reduce tooth pain, and prevent premature loss of teeth.

Fluoride treatments from the Calgary provider help improve oral health, which the WHO states are a significant political overall health. Poor oral health can affect other body parts, causing health conditions like cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and cancer.

Fluoride Side Effects

As is customary, some health advocates of natural remedies have expressed concerns about high-concentration fluoride treatments. They also determine, in contrast to the findings of the CDA and the CDC, that fluoride is unsafe for children and fluoridated water is harmful. However, they haven’t been able to provide any evidence about fluoride causing widespread harm, although children with developing teeth might develop some side effects like tooth discoloration because of ingesting toothpaste without spitting or having too much fluoridated water. However, the side effects are not harmful and merely result in white specks or brown stains appearing on the teeth, easily manageable by seeking whitening treatments.

Fluoride treatments are safe for everyone. Any side effects discussed are minimal compared to their benefits. The harm from fluoride is likely from swallowing excessive quantities of fluoride and results in cosmetic defects than causing damage to your general health.

If you are prone to cavities and are looking for a remedy, My Dental Clinic in Calgary provides fluoride treatments to strengthen your tooth enamel to prevent, slow, and reverse tooth decay. Consult with the practice to receive fluoride treatments in a brief therapy ending within minutes to find freedom from dental infections.